Victorias Secret is Out – A Very Sexy Body Lotion Indeed!

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Victoria’s Secret has done it again. A sexy, seductive and affordable body lotion that will make you feel like the goddess you are!!

This VerySexy lotion has an equally sexy price tag of only $20, which I find a steal for a product of this quality (even the tube is sexy, lol).


With sensual aromas of hydrangea, camellia, vanilla orchid made less sweet by the addition of amber, musk and woods, this smells absolutely beautiful. I am a “musky” type of gal yet I adore this smell.
I normally use mosturizers at night before bed, but this is one that I have started to slather myself in in the morning before getting dressed due to the fact that it smells so good and I want to share the joy, lol…


As with perfume, I am very picky and selective about my choice of moisturizers, tending to be faithful to one or two brands and I never usually opt for heavily perfumed brands. If the truth be told, I have broken my own rule and enjoy this for both qualities, its effectiveness and scent.
I am very pleased with the sheen and texture of my skin after applying this. I do suffer from somewhat dry skin on my legs and spend a lot of time applying moisturizer to keep me shiny and smooth, this seems to have eliminated the neccessity to re-apply as frequently. I am down to once a day!!


I strongly advise that you prepare your loved one for the side effects of this lotion… This will make you feel sexy, sexy, sexy…. and want to share that feeling, lol!!!!


I love this product and will definately become a faithful user – I am certain that you will too…..


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