Eggs Promote Good Health

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Not only are they fast to cook but provide you with high nutritive values, and exceptionally low levels of fats and calories. If you are on a diet that requires you to cut calories eggs are the perfect food to substitute into your diet. Eggs, if taken in breakfast, give you the energy to last till lunch time.

Eggs can be seen as an energy booster with around 76 kilo calories. They contribute to about three (3) percent of total energy for a man and four percent of total energy for female in a day. Also, eggs contain low levels of saturated fats with high levels of proteins and vitamins, which qualify them as a healthy diet.

Eggs contain high amounts of protein and contains essential amino acids required by our dialy by our body. Protein almost accounts for thirteen percent of total weight of egg, which is found in its yolk. Eggs are good source of vitamin B and fat soluble vitamin A. Eggs also contain good amounts of vitamin D and E too.

Eggs contain some of the most important minerals, which are required by our body to perform daily tasks. It has the presence of iodine in it that helps in the production of the thyroid hormone. The presence of Phosphorus which helps maintain good and healthy bones. Eggs also have good levels of zinc and Selenium. While Zinc helps improve the healing power of wounds and fights infections Selenium is a good antioxidant, which removes harmful toxins from your body.

Eggs contain zero fiber and very small level of fats depending on the egg can be .03grams. It has around eleven percent of fats present in its yolk. Eggs also have high levels of cholesterol and Lecithin which promote proper functioning of the body cells. Cholesterol, on the other hand, are required to produce sex hormones.

You can cook the eggs in variety of ways to get plenty of health benefits.


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