Bible Lesson for Teens on Life’s Testimony

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Start the lesson with this story.  There was an old preacher who thought it would be a great idea to invite the graduating college students from his congregaion to a night of celebration for their accomplishments.  He had the students come to the front of the church and introduce them self.  After the introduction he then asked them, one by one, what they planned for their life.  Each one chimed in, doctor, lawyer, farmer, teacher, ect.  the old preacher then surprised them with his next comment.  “As you go through life,” he said, “it is not your title but your testimony that counts.”  Ask the class:  Have you thought about your life’s testimony or witness?

Have the class members read Luke9:24-25.  Ask the members to name their favorite bands and stars.  Then ask them how many of them are Christians?  Then tie this in with the bible verse.  Even though these people have gained world class fame, what good is this fame if they lose their soul?

Have the students read Luke 14:7-11.  Ask the class how they think Jesus places importhace on people’s deeds, their testimony?  Do the class members tink Jesus will be impressed with a title?  Who is more important in God’s eyes, the person sitting next to you or the president of the United States?

Ask the classmembers to form a circle and look to the right and left of them.  Then ask:  Tell me a testimony of the person next to you.  An example:  Jonh is friendly – Jane listens well and cares about others.  These are testimonies, these are things Christians do!  Young people just have to expand on these as they get older.

Tell the class members that we go into the rat race of life wanting more and bigger.  Often times people befriend us for what we have, and not for who we are.  Make sure the class members know that their lasting testimony is a commitment to living their life, as an example of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ’s teachings and love.

Close with this prayer:  Dear Father,  Please help me to remember that my testimony is far more important than my title.  Thank you for your direction and love.  I know I can count on you.  Amen.

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