Save Money on Your Electric Bill

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Energy prices are rising due to an increase in cost for coal and natural gas – two elements needed to produce electricity. Here are some ideas to cut your monthly electric bill.

Make sure that your heating and cooling filters are cleaning. Dirty filters can reduce a unit’s efficiency by as much as 20%. Dirt and dust can reduce air flow. Aim to clean your filters approximately once a month. Also arrange to have your heating and cooling inspected by a licensed HVAC inspector. Program your thermostat so that it’s working less when you’re not in the home. The energy you save by knocking a couple of degrees off the temperature while you are at work can save you big in your monthly bill.

Plug into a power strip that can be turned off when it’s not being used. Things like cell phone chargers, microwaves, coffee makers, etc. use energy even when they are not being used. Save money by either unplugging these units when they are not in use, or using the power strip that you can shut off.

Keep your blinds closed during the day when the sun is beating down. It will keep your house cooler and you will not need to use your air conditioning. Also consider using fans as opposed to air conditioning. They will use less energy and cool you down. Make sure to shut the fans off when you leave the room. 

If all else fails, consider getting on a balanced billing program with your electric company so that your energy bills do not spike up in the summer months when you are using more energy. 


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