Yoga: For a Better Sleep

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Child’s Pose

The steps of Childs Pose are first you have to kneel down and sit back towards your heels as much as you can and fold forward from the hips, bringing your upper body to your thighs and your forehead to the floor. Now place your arms on the floor next to your legs with your palms up. Next you have breathe into your belly, allowing it to expand into your thighs as you inhale and relax as you exhale, remain in this positions for 8-10 minutes. Raise your upper body and return to kneeling position.

This exercise will relax the back and neck, while gently stretching your spine. It provides a gentle massage to abdominal organs leading to greater relaxation.

Manage Your Stress

Here you have to pay attention how to manage your stress level. So that can lead to tight and knotted muscles, as well as a racing mind. If you not proper at doing your own, better you have to take yoga class, so that it is a great way to not only relieve stress but also learn how to manage your stress levels.

Diaphragmatic Breathing

The steps of Diaphragmatic Breathing are you will have to start sitting or lying on your back. Since you are trying to sleep, start on your back, place your hands on your belly and start breathing slowly and deeply through your nose. Now breathe into the lower part of your lungs first, allowing your belly to rise on inhale, fall back on exhale. Next allow your belly to naturally rise and fall with breath and focus on your breath, complete 10-12 breaths, then let your breath become natural again.

This is a traditional yoga exercise and it provides to breathe the natural stress release and helps the heartbeat slow down.

Supported Standing Forward Bend

The steps are – you have to fold a blanket and place it on a chair and stand facing the chair with your feet parallel and a little wider than hip width apart. Now fold forward from your hips and place your forehead on the blanket. Next place your hand towards the back of the chair with your forearms resting on the chair. Let your arms, head and shoulders, and face relax; breathe slowly and deeply through your nose for 13- 15 breaths and slowly calm back up, using your hands to help push you back up.

This gentle yoga posture helps to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders while quieting your nervous system.

Legs Up the Wall

The steps are – first place a blanket flush against a wall and sit with right side next to the wall lean onto your elbows. Next Swing your legs up the wall as your head moves away from the wall and place your hands at your sides and close your eyes, move your head form side to side 3-5 times. Now relax your belly and breathe deeply into your belly – breathing through your nose, stay in this position for 3-4 minutes and bring your knees to your chest and roll onto your side at last you are ready come back sitting.

This gentle yoga postures triggers the relaxation response, slowing the heart, breath and brain waves.

These are the five steps to follow for better sleep. Thus, yoga teaches you how to find peace in every day life, as well as during more stressful times. Yoga exercise is a perfect remedy to get better sleep. It will help to reduce your muscle tension, slow your heart and calm a racing mind provides to get better night’s sleep. So keep practice yoga exercise everyday, it makes your life healthy and to get proper sleep.

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