Psychic Dreams – Spiritual Understanding through Dreams

Many people will admit to having had some form of psychic experience. A psychic experience is any experience interpreted as having a psychic or paranormal interpretation. These may be experiences of telepathy, clairvoyance or precognition.

 Psychic Experiences and Psychic Powers

 Psychic experiences include moments when it seems as if two people are sharing the same thoughts, sensing what someone is doing despite their not being within sight, premonitions about the future, knowing who is telephoning when the ‘phone starts to ring.

 People who are sensitive to the moods and feelings of others and who form a strong spiritual bond with their family and friends can experience psychic dreams. These bonds are at their strongest in times of crisis or high emotion and this is when psychic dreams relating to other people are most likely to occur.

 Psychic Dreams

 Someone may for instance dream about a person’s death and that person dies within hours, or may have died just hours before the dream. Or they may dream of picking up a friend from a station to discover later that the friend was actually stranded and in need of help at the time. It has to be said that death in dreams does not always signify actually death so a difference should be made between premonition in dreams and death as possibly symbolising endings in a dreamer or the dream character’s life.

 Psychic dreams occur when psychic information is received in dreams that could not have been known in the usual way. Psychic dreams usually have a profound affect on the dreamer; these dreams prey on the dreamer’s mind and there can be something mysterious about them that makes the dreamer want to analyse them further.

 Spiritual Guidance through Psychic Dreams

 Departed friends and relatives might visit a person in their dreams. The dreamscape seems to form a natural setting for the spirit of the dreamer and the spirit of the departed to meet and converse. There is no fear of ghostly presences or eerie atmospheres. Often in these dreams spiritual guidance is offered or psychic healing given through the symbolism and events in the dream.

 Astral Travel and Psychic Dreams

 Some dreams of flying can be recognised as being astral travel experiences. This is when within the dream a person is separated from his or her physical body to explore the world of spirit. Spirit friends might be met during these dreams or astral experiences. These dreams also help the dreamer towards greater spiritual understanding through developing a firm belief that there is a spirit within the physical being.

 There are many different types of psychic dreams, including prophetic dreams, warning psychic dreams, contact with the spiritual world and telepathic dreams.

 Dreams are truly fascinating and can open the dreamer to new and insightful resources from his or her subconscious including ways to tap into their psychic self.

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