Three Things to Avoid While Designing Your Web Site

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As a visitor, when you browse through other web sites, I am sure you will find many things that turn you off. Have you ever made the effort to list them and to check them in your web site?

A well-designed and professional looking web site must stay away from certain elements, to attract visitors and thereby boost your business. In spite of having a great product, a shoddy web site will set it back in terms of sales.

A good web designer will be able to list the good components of a well-designed site, like, accessibility design, interface or layout design, user experience design and graphic design. Listed here are the components that can mar a web site.

1. Background music: Stay away from background score, even if you have found the most pleasant notes. The exception to this is a web site related to music. The repetitive notes will irritate a visitor in the long run. Moreover, this puts additional burden on the visitor, as a web page takes longer to load with music in it.

2. Extra large and small font size: These extraneous things are not given much importance by the visitors. Set the font size such that a normal visitor can read the text without effort. Instead of spending time on frivolous graphics, pay more attention to user accessibility.

3. Popup windows: Now, with most sites displaying innumerable ads as popups, web surfers have learnt to overcome them with popup blockers. Hence, refrain from putting important messages in popups, as they get blocked and won’t be seen by the visitors.

If your site has one or more of the above components, take serious note of it and change it ASAP.


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