How To Properly Bench-Press

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The bench press is a compound strength training exercise. This means that more than one muscle group is used during the excersize.

This exercise focuses on the development of the chest as well as other supporting muscles, including the shoulders(front deltoids) and triceps. It is used extensively in weightlifting, bodybuilding, and other types of fitness training to develop the chest.

There are variations on the bench press; It can be done at different angles to work different parts of the chest.

Incline Bench: Upper part of the chest

Flat Bench: Overall chest development

Decline Bench: Lower part of the chest

Quick and easy steps to safely bench-pressing from any angle:

1. Lay down on the bench; your eyes should meet the bar dead-on once lying down.

2. Place your hands shoulderwidth apart on the bar; there should be smooth rings on each side of the bar to make it easier to line your hands up.

3. Breathe in deeply; this releases oxygen into your muscles, making them ready to perform the task.

4. Breathe out while lifting the bar off of the rack where it came from.

4. Breathe in again while lowering the bar a few inches from your chest; the bar should be lined up with your nipples.

5. Breathe out while pressing the bar upwards; this breathing technique keeps oxygen flowing into your blood and muscles, allowing you to lift more for a longer period of time.

Always do this excersize slowly, and always be in control. Serious injuries can occur if you do no do this excersize properly.

That’s it! Keep up the good work!


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