Taurus and Leo Love Compatibility – Taureans and Leos in a Relationship

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You are ruled by the loving planet Venus and your Leo partner is ruled by the shining Sun. These two planets get on well together. You are both extremely demonstrative and affectionate people. You like the good things in life and your Leo partner certainly won’t say no to the odd luxury every now and again. Indeed, you’ll probably both enjoy showering each other with expensive gifts even at times when you can least afford it!

Taurus Leo Sexual Compatibility

This all sounds quite exciting (if a little extravagant) and granted, two strong personalities such as yours and your Leo partner’s may share a good relationship for a number of reasons. Especially on the grounds of physical attraction and your shared appreciation of the good things in life. But you can be a bit of a jealous lover, can’t you. You can sometimes show a possessive streak to your nature.

Sometimes Leo might find this hard to take. Certainly he or she will not like to feel as if they have to ask you for permission to do things. There is something here that you are going to have to learn to cope with: your Leo partner exudes sexual-magnetism and he or she will attract admiration wherever they go. Can that jealous side of your Taurus nature handle this, I wonder?

Taurus Leo Compatibility as Friends and Lovers

There is also a stubborn streak to both your personalities. The Leo, you must remember likes to rule the roost and if you aren’t happy to let your partner feel as if they should always get the last word, problems could result. You might also wonder why it is that conversations over trivial matters always seem to turn into a big argument. It is never very easy to reach agreement and this is because you are both so pig-headed at times.

If you aren’t careful then, this could create a breach between you when you will both tend to keep certain things to yourselves, rather than risk yet another verbal battle. Leo has a powerful and determined personality. As a Taurean too you have a powerful and persistent nature. If you share the same goals, then there is every possibility that this relationship could be a lasting one. Leo provides passion and as a lover he or she will take you to heights you never dreamed of.

Taurus/Leo Relationship Summary

Leo is a proud individual and you will have to be careful that you don’t ever wound their pride. Be sensitive to Leo’s need to feel as if he or she holds the controlling hand in this relationship; – There will be ways of getting your own way without them realising what you are doing. And, if Leo makes an effort to understand your sensitive emotional nature, together you will find how blissful romance can be.

 Physically, you will both enjoy the way you can each make the other feel so good. Indeed, you’re both quite highly sexed individuals. And mentally you also enjoy each other’s company when there are so many things you will like to share. All in all, a reasonably good basis for a happy partnership.

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