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The headlines spanned the globe within hours of his death: the King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was found dead in his Los Angeles home. It quickly became the biggest story of 2009, surpassing politics and other celebrity deaths.

Having written several articles about the strange circumstances and rumors which began circulating following the death of superstar and pop icon Michael Jackson, I have read several other articles on Bukisa worth noting. For those who would like to read more about the passing of Michael Jackson, I recommend these five articles:

My own Bukisa article about the death of Michael Jackson can be found at Rumors Still Surround Michael Jackson After Death. “Michael Jackson died June 25 from an apparent heart attack, but rumors continue to surround him after his death, including one that Michael Jackson became a Christian right before he died.” Find out more at Rumors Still Surround Michael Jackson After Death.

Tamara L. Waters published her personal childhood memories of Michael Jackson at Remembering Michael Jackson. “I used to be a huge Michael Jackson fan when I was 12. I lived and breathed for Michael at that time and his death brought back some special memories.” To read Tamara’s Michael Jackson tribute, go to Remembering Michael Jackson

Bukisa writer 3lilangels talks about Michael Jackson’s death and his hopes for a comeback at Michael Jackson. “Michael Jackson The King of Pop has died at the very young age of 50. When the paramedics arrived at Michael Jackson’s 13 bathroom mansion Michael Jackson was already unconscious.” Read the complete article at Michael Jackson

Fred Kissell chose to remember Michael Jackson through his thoughts on Michael Jackson’s Thriller album and the Thriller 25th anniversary album at  Michael Jackson Thriller on Vinyl LP Record. “Michael Jackson’s album Thriller was his sixth studio album.  It has sold over 100  million copies.” To read Fred’s full story, go to Michael Jackson Thriller on Vinyl LP Record.

John DeYoung writes about several recent celebrities who have died during the past couple of weeks, including Michael Jackson at Remembering Fallen Icons. “There is an old saying that everything comes in threes. Most times that expression is used when it comes to celebrities passing away. However, as of recent, the ante has been raised. In the past couple of weeks, five major personalities have met their untimely demise.” John’s complete article is found at Remembering Fallen Icons.

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