HAIR 101- The Essentials

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Hair can be properly cared for at one’s home itself. You need not opt for expensive salon treatments when ready solutions are available at your convenience. Regular hot hair treatments, perms or coloring can only do more damage than good, instead wisely invest in natural dyes and colorants. This not only maintains the longevity of the hair and prevents it from damage and fragility in the long run.

Dyes and Coloring: Coloring hair is a common and trendy practice but while keeping up with the fashion, we often overlook the hazardous chemicals repeately being exposed to hair shafts. Routinely coloring and highlighting the hair at salons, makes it prones to dryness and roughness, while robbing it of its natural shine and vibrance. A home made solution of black tea can be used to rinse the hair after every wash, this will provide a natural hue, is safe and free from chemicals and will give your tresses more bouce and managability.

Oil- Hot oil, when used for a short time period over the hair, is excellent for nourishing the scalp and hair shafts. On the contrary if the oil persisits on the head for longer periods it tends to leave residues of dead skin and you are left to handle the debris famously known as Dandruff. Avoid the application of Oil for long intervals and also try to wash your hair properly with a mild shampoo to remove all the oil.

Hot hair Treatments- Hair becomes fragile, thin and is prone to breaking when exposed to various hot hair treatments. The hot iron for instance, similar to the blow dryer are perpetrators which when used for long time periods of time, cause bald patches, scantiness and falling hair. Althought the hair look momentarily fit and in exhibit shine, in the long-run we are left with large foreheads and bald patches at the crowns and temples of our heads.

Rash Handling– Unlike our skin, hair should not be stretched as it is not elastic but still many opt for tight knots and even tighter braids. This is commonly observed in school going children. While mothers are happy to braid the childs hair into tight knots and send them off to school, thinking that their locks will not oversahdow or cover their eyes and disturb them during lessons, younsters as they blossom into adulthood are left to deal with hair-straightening and fringes to hide thier large protuding foreheads which have emerged due to the simple action of constant pulling and tugging at hair. 

Hormones and diseases decay a human body and ultimately turns it to dust. Hair too begins to thin out and hair growth eventually becomes retarded. Consider your mane as the pride and glory of your crown and you will be able to considerably reduce the potential yet inevitable hazards that await its fate.


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