China: The Duping of America

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>Every day, more news is coming from Iran and North Korea. North Korea is threatening to nuke Hawaii, Iran is nearly in a civil revolution, and not so surprising, China is standing in the background.

China has been long-time allies of Iran and North Korea, as well as Russia and Iraq. China and Iran had been long-time associates since 126 BC. China and Russia had been linked since the Ming Dynasty; China and Iraq for over 2000 years. Today, China is North Korea’s most important ally. In 1961, China and North Korea agreed to the “Sino-North Korean Treaty of Friendship, Cooperation, and Mutual Assistance”, in which China is obliged to protect North Korea from any type of unprovoked acts of aggression. China is also the biggest exporter of food, arms, and fuel to North Korea. China is wary of having any problems with North Korea because there could be an over abundance of North Koreans seeking refuge in China. China usually will side with North Korea against any sanctions brought about by the international community.

Relations between the United States and China were somewhat neutral. In 1954, Richard Nixon, (then vice-president of the United States) supported easing trade relations with China even though they backed the North Koreans in the Korean War. In 1969,Nixon had already started relaxing trade relations by lifting the embargo of Chinese products sold in the United States , even though China had provided approximately 300,000 soldiers to fight with the North Vietnamese Army. There were still restrictions, but not as stringent as before. By 1971, China gained entry into the United Nations. In April of 1971, Nixon relaxed the 20 year-trade-embargo with China. Then he visited China in February, 1972, and Russia in May, 1972, making agreements with both countries regarding trading and with Russia, trading, and arms agreements (SALT-Strategic Arms Limitations Treaty).

China recognized the importance of having good relations with the major world players. This would enable them to join the world market, to become a leader in financial resources, and to gain power and influence on international policies. China opted for the “brain over brawn” option. They actually decreased their military forces, and implemented many social and economic reforms. The Chinese government, although still communist, understood that good relations with the “super-powers” could only be beneficial.

China also benefited from the Middle East conflicts. While the entire world was watching the Iran-Iraq conflict, the fall of the Soviet Republic, and >


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