How much is too much?

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Senerio, a guy asks you out and you eagerly oblidge. The date is perfect, drinks, dinner, movie and maybe a sweet kiss goodnight. So you go home and think to yourself, ” I don’t want to get ahead of the game here, but I could really get to like this guy.” Normally this type of thinking is fine, but I’ve found a lot of my friends seem to jump head first into love without even questioning, “Will he love me back?”

The problem here is, when we spend so much time creating our perfect guy that perfect guy might not think your his perfect woman. I’ve spent so much time staring at a phone anticpating a text from Mr. right that it never occurred to me that I might be Ms. Wrong. I’ve trapped myself into thinking that I’ve found the “one” who will complete me and I will live happily ever after but later found out I gave too much too soon.

The way to save yourself? Don’t let him know what you’re thinking about this potential relationship. Even if you find yourself falling into a blissful love exchange, keep it to yourself. The worst thing you can do is give away your heart to someone who may not want it. Take it slow and gage what he is feeling instead of concentrating all your thoughts on what you feel. Is he showing signs that you could be his one and only? Or is he missing your calls and postponing dates? His actions will speak volumes above any words.

So the next time you have the romance you’ve been waiting for, make sure he’s got the same agenda on his mind. You will save yourself from so much heartache if you just take a moment to look at the big picture as it stands, not the one at the alter.


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