A checklist for launching a website

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Once you finally decide to launch your website: after weeks of research, graphic design, monetization techniques, and marketing plans, there are five main checks that you must complete. Below is outlined the master checklist for launching a website. All of these criteria must be met if you are to have a successful business website launch.

1. The Website Design and Navigation

The first thing you must check when launching your website is the website design and navigation. Each page of your sit must look the same, and the graphics or template must fit neatly no the page. You should also make sure that the navigation is easy to use and complete. Website visitors should be able to find what they are looking for with no more than two clicks from the home page.

2. Checking Broken Links

Another important pre-launch task is to check every single link on your website to make sure none are broken. A broken link is one that, when clicked on, does not go where it is supposed to, or does not go anywhere at all. Nothing shows less professionalism than multiple broken links on a website.

3. Check Page Load Times at all Connection Speeds

For maximum user capabilities, you should be sure that all website pages load in a short amount of time across all connection speeds. Worldwide, up to 40% of internet users are still on 56k or slower dial-up modems. The general rule of thumb is that all website pages should load within 8-10 seconds of opening. Any slower, and you risk losing a large number of visitors.

4. Check Multiple Internet Browsers

People on the internet use different browsers to view their favorite websites. The three most popular ones are Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Opera. There are many smaller ones as well. Before launching your website, you should be sure that it displays correctly in all of the most popular internet browsers. The easiest way to do this is by downloading copies of the browsers and opening your website in each one.

5. Check Sending and Receiving Email from Links

The last step you should take before launching your website is to check all emails addresses on the site. You should try to send and receive email messages from all addresses on your contact page. Also, you should check email links on the website to make sure they work.

When deciding to launch a website for whatever purpose, you must first check the above five things. If there are problems in any of these areas, your website’s functionality will be greatly reduced. If you do check them, however, your website has a greater chance of attracting visitors, becoming successful, and even making you money.


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