Do-it-yourself faux stained glass windows

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You can now complete attractive crafts with just your computer and printer. One of these popular crafts for home decor is a sun catcher window cling decoration. These window clings are very popular around holidays. They can also be used as faux stained glass window decorations for appearance and privacy.

Making them on your computer is fast and easy.

Materials Needed

1. Inkjet window cling film
2. Computer with graphics program
3. Inkjet printer

How to Design the Sun Catcher Window Decoration

It is very easy to create the sun catcher window cling decorations with your home computer. The first step is to open your graphics program and select the size you wish the finished product to be. After you do that, there are several ways to continue.

First, you may like to use free or purchased clip art to make the window cling decorations. This is especially effective if you have limited artistic talent. You can find free or professional clip art in many designs: holiday patterns, flowers and animals, cartoon characters, and other neat designs.

Designing the window cling decoration also can be done by drawing your own creation in the computer graphics program. Using dark outlines and simple colors are the most effective. Lots of detail and shading may get lost in the window cling finished product.

After designing the graphic that you would like to make the window cling decoration out of, print a test sheet on a plain piece of paper. If the image looks right to you, you can then load the window cling inkjet film into your printer. Be sure to follow the manufacturers directions closely.

When the image is printed out, use a very sharp craft knife or razor blade to cut the excess from the edges. Then, peel the backing carefully from the window cling film.

Your window cling decoration is ready to affix to your clean glass windows. Sometimes, moistening the window cling slightly will help it adhere better. These decorations are great for holidays and everyday. They are also great to make faux stained glass effects and privacy shields in bathrooms.

You can create window cling decorations using just your computer and ink jet printer. Instead of being limited to the holiday designs available in stores only at certain times of the year, you will be able to decorate your windows at any time. With these simple instructions and some easy-to-find materials, these sun catcher window clings are quick and easy to make.


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