Create collapsible fabric boxes for quick storage

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Create Collapsible Fabric Boxes for Quick Storage

Home storage is always in short supply. Often, people resort to using cardboard boxes or plastic cartons to store their items in closets, the attic, or cellars. But many items have to be stored out in the open. A great way of creating quick and attractive storage solutions is by crafting collapsible fabric boxes.

Materials Needed

1. Fabric: stiff varieties are preferred
2. Bias tape or binding
3. Stiff interfacing
4. Thin quilt batting

How to Create the Fabric Boxes

These collapsible fabric storage boxes are fashioned from one large base and four sides. They do not have lids. Each piece of the fabric box is essentially a sandwich of fabric, thin quilt batting, and stiff interfacing. You could use thin cardboard in place of the interfacing if you do not care about the ability to throw them into the washing machine.

For each piece, cut two rectangles of your fabric, two of the quilt batting, and one of the interfacing. Then, put the right sides of the fabric together with all the other materials in the middle. Stitch three sides of each piece and then turn it right side out so the fabric covers the batting and interfacing. Stitch the remaining sides neatly closed. You will now have five rectangular sides of the collapsible fabric storage box.

The next step is to sew the bottom edge of each side to the edge of the base of the fabric box. Be sure to stitch just the fabric so that the sides can still fold up and down. After this is complete, stitch bias tape to the vertical edges of the box sides, leaving an extra length at the top. Use these lengths of bias tape to tie bows to keep the box sides up when in use.

There are different ways to finish your boxes. You can just leave the box as-is and use it that way. An alternate idea is to edge each of the fabric box sides with the bias tape and tie them together at each corner. That way, you can create different size boxes for all of your needs.

How to Use and Store the Fabric Boxes

These collapsible fabric boxes are ideal for storage of small items. To use them, simply fold up the short sides. Tie the bias tape into neat bows or knots at the corners.

If you no longer need the storage box, you can easily untie the bias tape and fold the fabric box flat for storing in a closet or on a shelf. These collapsible fabric boxes are machine washable as long as the fabric you use is as well.

These collapsible fabric boxes are both easy to create and easy to use. Attractive and durable, they are a perfect answer to your small storage needs.


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