How to Write a Meaningful Message in a Birthday Card

A birthday is an excellent opportunity to acknowledge and to celebrate the life of a friend or family member. A birthday gives you an occasion to connect to a loved one or reconnect to someone you have lost touch with. Make their day truly special by sending a greeting card with a warm personal message inside.

We have all experienced the feeling of disappointment when receiving a commercial birthday card with only a signature inside. We appreciate the effort and are happy they remembered, but no matter how beautiful a greeting card and its preprinted verse, nothing means more than the handwritten note. The personal message and sending the card on time are, in fact, the two key things to remember about sending birthday cards.

To help you write the birthday message, follow these steps:

1. Mention the occasion. You can start out your note with a simple “Happy Birthday!”

2. The body of your note can include a shared memory or why the recipient is important to you. You can share some light-hearted humor, but be very sensitive about mentioning the person’s age or making comments about aging or being “over the hill.”

You could mention shared interests such as sports, or a hobby, or focus on the person’s qualities or talents. The message becomes a lot easier to write if you focus on what you and the recipient have in common. 3. Close your note with good wishes for the coming years. Wish them “Happiness on their birthday and always”. You can also give them assurance of your affection with “Much love on your birthday and always”, or “Happy Birthday to a friend forever.”

Your birthday greeting card message should not include other information or general news. This card is sent strictly to recognize the recipient’s birthday and to let them know they are special.

If the birthday card is late, briefly state that you are sorry for missing the date then continue with your personal message.

It is well worth the time and effort to write a personal message in a greeting card. Your shared memories and special wishes change a greeting card from just a piece of mail into a treasured keepsake.

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