How to make your self taller and grow

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This is my first article in this website, this article is for you or some one who want to make your self taller just by some easy tricks. just try this shorts and easy tricks and let your self grow higher and higher, but I can’t ensure if this trick will be work for you, because other body can make an other effect, I hope you can get your tall body.

Now I will give the trick to you. Here is the tricks:

1. You must eat high nutrient food, that will stimulate your body to grow

2. Consume some fish oil, you can buy fish oil at the pharmacy. This is good for you because the fish oil contains many proteins that will give a good effect to your body, such as make you smarter, make muscles in your body better, and make the bone grow faster.

3. Drink high protein of milk but with the low fat, because fat can make you fatter and not good for your health if you consume it too much.

4. Sleep and take a rest to make your self better, because sleep can simulate your body grow. try to sleep 8 hours a day or more if you can. Try to take a nap.

5. Do some sport, like swimming, football, running, basket ball, jumping, etc. don’t try to take some weight lifting, because it is not good for your grow.

6. The last is pray, make a pray to GOD.

That’s the tricks from me, just try it and make your self taller.


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