Gemini and Taurus Love Compatibility – Geminis and Taureans in a Relationship

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Whenever you need some sensible, practical advice, your Taurean partner is the perfect person to turn to. Sometimes you might wonder whether your Taurus ever loosens-up and lets go. He or she is always so sensible and serious.

Taurus Gemini Compatibility Astrology

As a Gemini you want the kind of romance which allows both partners to have a little fun and flirtation without too much in the way of commitment. – At least this is true of the early stages of your love-affair. Gemini, you are born under a communicative Air sign and your partner was born under a practical, Earth Sign.

This means that there are a number of differences in your personalities and I’ll describe these to you now: I have to say that of prime importance to you, as a Gemini, is the need for mental stimulation, variety and constant activity. I wonder, therefore whether you might soon grow bored with what seems like a lack of initiative from your Taurean lover. Taurus is looking for constancy, routine and the chance to quietly relax. He or she doesn’t really like to be active and sociable all of the time. Indeed sometimes you might wonder whether deep down, your

Taurean is quite lazy. Gemini, you love to talk about romance, sex and loving but Taurus doesn’t go in for too much conversation. In fact, sometimes you might feel as if you have to turn to your other friends to enjoy a good gossip. Sometimes Taurus just doesn’t have a lot to say for themselves.

Gemini/Taurus Sexual Compatibility

There will be time in the future to think about settling down, but for now, you want to enjoy life a little. And although your Taurean partner certainly appreciates the good things in life, he or she is still quite tame about it. However, there is one area in life where Taurus is NOT tame and that is in bed. When it comes to the more passionate and personal side of your relationship, Taurus can be very demanding and intense lover. – Perhaps too demanding for you? Of course you may share a few interests in common.

Maybe that’s how you got together in the first place. Or maybe your Taurus partner’s appreciation for beauty was attracted to your Gemini charm. But, deeper into the relationship you might find that there are many differences in your basic personalities.

Gemini Taurus Compatibility as Friends and Lovers

Taurus is a slow, practical and down-to-earth person. They don’t like to be rushed and prefer a stable sort of lifestyle. On the other hand, you are restless. You love variety and you have many many ideas. Of course your partner will admit that they admire you for that .. But you just don’t seem to have the talent that they do to put your thoughts into action.

And then what about the physical side of your relationship. You will find it difficult to keep up with your Taurean partner’s demands. ‘There’s more to life than sex’ you might keep telling them but they seem to disagree. You just can’t demonstrate your emotions as freely as your partner and perhaps (unless there are other indications in your charts that suggest otherwise) you can’t help feeling disappointed by your love-life.

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