Taurus and Taurus Love Compatibility – Taureans in a Relationship

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Venus the goddess of love rules over this romance. Taureank1164408s take their love-life very seriously. You both know what you want in romance and in each other, you may well find a soul mate. You need constancy and stability and you’re looking for a long-term relationship. There should be trust on both sides and a kind of passion that leaves you in no doubt of your partner’s feelings for you.

Taurus Taurus Sexual Compatibility

Love is when you can laugh together, play together, plan together and be serious together. Love is knowing when it’s time to follow your basic instincts and let passion rule, and when it’s time to get down to practicalities such as how much money is in the bank and what you are going to spend it on.

Taureans are cautious and careful but you know how to enjoy life too. And in a romance with another Taurus you will feel as if you have found the perfect partner for you. Sometimes, however, there can be a few flaws when two Taureans get together and I’ll tell you why. As well you know, Taureans can be extremely stubborn people. In their relationships, there’s also the possibility that jealousy might raise its ugly head. Put these two together and it would seem that there’s a clash of personalities here. You can both be VERY determined and I hate to say it, but you do like to get your own way.

Taurus and Taurus as Friends and Lovers

So, being as stubborn as a pair of mules, this romance could stumble on a few unexpected little problems. You have quite a temper, don’t you? And your partner too can get a little over-heated about certain matters. Certainly the Taurean temper is not a one to be taken lightly so some explosive reactions could result when you happen to disagree with each other. I feel here however that if one partner shows more versatility it is possible for you to enjoy a satisfying relationship.

You are both loving and sensual and you could get a lot out of this union. And so, when you happen to disagree, or when your partner is acting as stubbornly as you are, there could be ways to compensate. For instance you both share the same practical and down-to-earth view of life.

Taurus with Taurus Relationship Summary

Neither of you are impulsive and both would prefer security and stability as opposed to ‘not knowing where you are’ all the time. You’ll probably share the same hobbies, each of you being reasonably creative and so long as your tastes in music are similar, you could get a lot of enjoyment in each others company. On top of this, on a physical-level this relationship WILL be extremely compatible. If sex were everything then you really would have a lot going for you. But, you have to be friends and understand each other too. So it really depends upon how stubborn you are with each other and how you agree to compromise when your opinions conflict, on how this relationship might work.

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