Street Meet!

Street Meet !

It was a dark cold night.All the members of the street had gathered there.Majority of them were youngsters. The meeting was about to begin. Their leader stood up to address them.

‘Friends, we have gathered here to discuss a burning issue. I welcome all of your opinions. But they should be very brief and to the point. The meeting starts now.Come on speak!’

“I am afraid!”

“I am frightened!!”

“I am very much concerned!!”

“Be Patient .You tell me what happened?”

“You know, our territorial integrity extends throughout the main street of Mooventhar Nagar.”

“Of course, who denies it or who disputes it ?”

“You know, a fellow from the Dhanalakshmi Garden violated the territorial integrity of our street and he came far and wide in our street, shouting at us, threatening our younger members. You see even now they are trembling with fear. We should do something about it. We should do something to confine that fellow within his territorial limits. Otherwise, we will lose our prestige and authority.We may even lose our territorial integrity”

“What can we do to check him up within his territorial limits ? Any ideas or suggestions?”

“Those dirty fellows and his other mates will always be at the entrance of the Dhanalakshmi Garden. Tomorrow night, we should gather here in our full strength and proceed to invade and violate their territorial integrity and shout at them tremendously.It is only a move to threaten them.Then only those fellows will be frightened and confine themselves within their own territory and will never even dream of violating our territorial integrity.”

“It is a good idea. Are you agreeable to the idea?”

“Agreed !!”

After agreeing to the idea in unison, all the dogs dispersed and began rushing up as if they had some other urgent work.

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