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How to place a MyHotComment’s comment in the profile?

This process is not really different between MyHotcomments and other pages which have the same functionality and contents. Firstly, the user has enter to the site and then he or she needs to click one category. The categories are displayed in a menu bar located at the left side of the screen. Once one category has been marked, it is time to choose one comment or image which best fit the personal requirements. When the user has choose one, he or she needs its respective code in order to paste it in the personal or friends profiles. Therefore, the user copy the code provided and paste that group of characters in the space called Comments which is normally in the profile each friend in the social networking site. After the person has pasted the content, he or she will be able to see the result by refreshing the page.

Quality of the images

One of the important aspects which has to follow the pages which provides contents for the social networks is to give good quality contents. If not, users will not return to the page. One of the main reasons of this is that users easily remember which page is good or bad according to their requirements, so, if Myhotcomments filled their expectative, they will came back to the site. It has to be said that the images do not need any code copying because each one can be freely copied in the computer and used later in different pages, social networks, blogs and so on.


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