All About Edith UFC Ring Girl

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Over the years there has been a good number of UFC ring girls come and go from the side of the octagon. I can honestly say that there probably hasn’t been any bustier or curvier than Edith Labelle (or Larente). Here today we are gonna discuss some known and perhaps some unknown information about this lovely cageside model.

Edith Labelle (Larente) comes from Montreal, Canada the same as Welterweight Champion Georges St. Pierre. This 25-year old beauty has her eyes on modeling and acting with real estate as a fall back plan. Standing at 5’8 and weighing around 115 pounds Edith Labelle (Larente) is thin but has curves in all the right places. There are many rumors as to how she got her job as a UFC ring girl but most of them are proven to be crude rumors at best.

As well as anyone knows UFC ring girl Edith Labelle (Larente) is single at the moment. According to her profile online she is seeking a man with confidence, athletic ability, some smarts to carry a good conversation, a real personality and somebody that is into having fun outdoors.

One of the questions many men find themselves wondering about our curvy UFC ring girl Edith Labelle (Larente) is are her breasts real or fake? Well judging from several of her modeling pictures they are clearly fake as you can see the scars where they inserted the implants. This may could be a turn off to some of those sitting at home but I’m sure most men don’t mind at all.


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