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Adapted from the original article I wrote entitled How to Forward Hotmail to Gmail.

A lot of people have been long time Hotmail or Windows Live Mail users, but want to start using Gmail.  Rather than try to change your email address with every site you’ve ever registered, why not forward that Hotmail or WLM email hosting to Gmail? This article uses recent POP features added to Microsoft’s email hosting to deliver all your email from their accounts to a Gmail address.


Step 1. If you don’t have a free Gmail account, register for a new one.  Log into Gmail and click Setting.  Click the “Forwarding and POP/IMAP” link.  Click “Enable IMAP” to switch the email hosting service over from POP.  Click “Save Changes”.

Step 2. Go back to “Settings” and click “Accounts”. Click “Add a mail account you own.” Type in your old email address and click “Next Step”. The next screen will ask for your username and password at your old email hosting site. Enter the full email address and password, then click “Next Step”.

Step 3. The “Your mail has been added” screen comes up.  It’ll ask you if you want to be able to send email as your hotmail address.  If you select yes, you can send from Gmail’s email hosting service but your hotmail address will still show up in people’s inbox.  If you select “No”, all email sent from Google’s email hosting will have your Gmail address.

Step 4. Enter the name you’d like the email adress to show up as. When you click the “Next Step” button, the site will display a notice about verification.  It basically says clicking this button will send an email to the old email hosting account so you can verify that you really own it.  Click the “”Send Verification” button.

Step 5. Sign in to your hotmail email hosting to get the verification number. You can copy/paste the number or simply click the link to verify. Once you’re done that, you’re all set up!  Try sending a Gmail to your hotmail address to test it out.  It should arrive in yoru gmail email hosting. Fantastic.

Step 6. One final step – old email hosting won’t forward your junk mail to your new account.  The best thing to do is change it so hotmail doesn’t filter as much – leave that to the new account.  Login to the old one and click “Option” in the upper right hand corner.  Go to “More Option” and click on “Junk e-mail Filters and reporting” to change the setting to Low.

Additional Tips

If you’re impatient, click “Check Now” from account window.

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