How to make your own Cloth Menstrual Pads

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Many women may be interested re-usable cloth pads for various reasons, some may have allergic reactions to pads, wish t o save the environment, or to just save some cash.

There are many sights showing how to make cloth pads, and they can be a bit elaborate involving too much work and money. So here you can accomplish this task …cheap & easy!

1. Washcloths, get some dark blue/burgundy/brown (a dark color that is different than your family washcloths.) Fold in thirds and voila…pads.

Just becareful when you go to the bathroom, it may fall into toilet because there is no velcro or adhesive to attach to your underwear!

2. You can use old overnight prefolded diapers, cut them in half width-wise, then folded in half and zigzagged the edges. I used these postpardum and they worked great, did not leak through.  Again no adhesive, so beware when going potty.

3. For cleaning them you can cut the top off a plastic gallon milk carton- put water and laundry soap about 1/3 of carton, then tuck it away behind the toilet. Just place the pads in then washed when full.

Re-useable cloth pads can be soft and comfortable.  When going out, you can use a panty liner to prevent leaking through.

You can also bring along an extra pad in a ziploc bag and then place the used cloth in the bag to wash for later.  This sounds gross I know…but if you’re reading this, then I figure you want to know.

Good luck!


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