Worldwide blogging websites has inspired as well as mobilized us as spontaneous self-made writers and authors of our feeling, emotions and opinions. The world has shrink to distance of few miles where we correspond to millions people worldwide. Many of us makes friends, all of us share some information that may be pertaining to any eventful happening or nation-wide occasion through our spirited writings. The advanced advent of social networking through absorbing websites like FACEBOOK and ORKUT has added to the glam quotient.

The world of blogging websites has indeed has created new breed of writers that are definitely not “branded” or bankable but affordable, accessible and logical. Fictional write-ups too gets its desired fan following and many times these characters gets connected with our lives too. The added charm of uploading pics, videos etc has made it a gizmo—freak friendly device.

The ever changing concept of blogging has personal experiences and moments as the most treasured segment. FACEBOOK and ORKUT works moreover as “personal diary” and so gets maximum fans or support as well as traffic on net.

The advent of “blogs” has appeared at times when there is wide clarity and invigoration about the “independence of media” and its role in building up of the society. They deserve to be appreciated but some “blogging” websites offer loads of crap and vulgarity in it. Either the concept of “blogging” has been misfired or people have taken undue advantage of their “right to freedom”.

In my earnest experiences, the writer of “blog” in many blogging websites wears anonymous name but their blogs carry meaningful semblance that can be anything between personal experiences to self development. It can be sometimes highly literally and informative in its approach but still gets raw deal as it fails to get regulated and many times unnoticed, for its bleak face value.

No two doubts about the volubility and trustfulness of worthy “blogs” but does the happening and advent of “blogging” has simplified life. It has so as it has raised many voices on electronic media and that too with spirited senses. They may lack the commercialism and power of influential media support but has the persistence to make even stone cry and think. They may strike our senses in bits and parts but the fact is it brings common man to the fore. A common man has now got the voice that can proclaim its thoughts and that too with worldwide attention. Blogs should remain a valid expressions and not “attention seeking syndrome” as one needs many brains to live happily.

Do our blogs carry social or moral significance? Or they are mere articles of amusement for its readers!

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