15 Free or Cheap Date Night Ideas

1. Swap babysitting with a good friend you do it for them on Friday, then they baby sit Saturday or switch off weeks…work out the arrangements that suits you best.

2. While your kids are at the baby sitter…instead of going out for a steak dinner, buy all the ingredients and cook it together. Have a candlelight dinner and DVD movie

3. Go to the Farmers market, hold hands and stroll by the vendors, taste samples, try a new food.

4. Library: Read magazines, Peruse different genres, look at books about home-improvements…then dream, check out a DVD (usually for free). You can usually access it online to reserve your Movie or book ahead of time.

5. Take a walk in the Hardware stores, dream about improvements, Gadget Stores- check out latest fads, Computer Store-talk about newest technology, Mall- talk about your tastes, likes, dislikes, needs, colors, styles and sizes. (This will help with gift giving in the future)

6. Put loose change in a jar for date nights. After walks etc. grab an ice cream, coffee or simple fun snack.

7. Go to the local park, walk the trails

8. Ride bikes

9. Go to Garage Sales- have a specific goal (a tiffany lamp etc), find a special thing to collect

10. Visit antique stores- can also have a specific goal, find a special thing to collect

11. Pile pillows on the bed before “talking” this keeps you from falling asleep.

12. Read a book together, listen to a book on tape- Library is free!

13. Exercise together/ walk

14. Prepare a meal together for the family- make it sort of a tradition Saturday Breakfasts etc

15. Find a commonality and pursue it!

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