Avast: A Free Antivirus

Avast, a free software created for protecting the computer against one of the best known problems which affects computers, viruses, is an Antivirus. Its respective website contains a home page which shows the main features of the service, so there the user can access to information regarding Avast products, new updates and download section.

The Arrangement of the Site

Once the user is inside the Avast’s website, he or she can see the upper bar were the service shows its main functionality. Below that there is provided a main menu which allows visitors to take a lot to the different sections of the page. The tabs which are available there are the following:

Products: it gives access a variety of products which have been launched up to now. This section divided in four categories which are Desktop protection (for usual users), Small Business Protection, Corporate Protection (for enterprises) and Technology/OEM products (for third-party developers).

Downloads: as a free software, its page provides a section which lists some links for downloading, which no additional charges, the Avast Anti-virus. In addition, the user can obtain skins related to the service, updates, datasheets and user guides.

Purchase: this part of the web describes how to purchase the program, as well as explains how it works, which features envelops and how is it distributed.

Support: the technical support section is that part of the web in which any Avast user can ask questions related to the functions of the program. This gives a hand to the user when it faces technical problems or does not know how to fix something.

After the menu bar which contains the mentioned tabs, the site has, in its home screen, a huge space focused on bringing news related to Avast.

How to Install Avast

Once the user has entered to downloads section and has obtained the Avast software, it is time to install the pack. The program is not so big, so it will not probably cause hard disk space problems. Then, the user can maintain the status of the program active. This means that it, automatically, will be looking for updates and protecting the computer against known and new viruses.

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