I saw a one-legged man

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I saw a lame man on the street

Saw a lame man with one leg

And oh! I could not call that leg

He couldn’t use it for walking

Just held the crutches, balking

Leg was just crooked bones and meat.

Needing to rest the crutches he sat,

Right on the pavement flat,

Hopeful to get from a kind heart a trifle.

His eyes beseeching

Hands stretched out and reaching

Truely heart-rending and renting

A picture of an error committed

A figure of pathos unlimited,

Was flung at, an occasoinal coin

By those who did have the time

Others just didn’t care a dime.

A young mother happened to pass

A three-year old hung possessively to the lass,

Wide eyes watching all around

Caught a glimpse of the man on ground

Head with a jerk turned away

A sudden scream knifed thro’ the crowd

Compelling , demanding silence, ’twas too loud

The toddler shook, with copious tears and fear

Though held close by mother dear.

The man could not see or hear

Hunger blinded him and blocked his ear

He lay on the ground, writhing

As upturned cockroach, wriggling.

The wails of the toddler didn’t rest

Starting anew after every breath

The mother waited to cross the stretch

And couldn’t do ‘nything ’bout the scream

Vehicles speeding in a never ending stream.

As if by magic some food did land

Flung away by some careless hand

Just out of reach for the hungry man.

And all that happened next 

 Not very complicated to text.

The man rolled on to reach the food

Not to die in hunger he hurried

But none of the  vehicles tarried

A  screech of the brake and a dash

It all happened in just a flash.

The mother closed her baby’s eyes

Everybody at once did avert their eyes.

It was even more unseemly and upsetting 

Than a lame man lying down and begging.


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