Earn $50 for 1000 MarketPoints by taking surveys

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I found GlobalTestMarket while looking for free survey sites. I must have joined directly from their website after reading about it on other sites.

I joined around May last year, signed up free, got a confirmation email, verified and completed the profile surveys.

They send regular surveys and I receive two, three or more surveys from them in a week. Sometimes, two in the same day…

You get points for completing the surveys and these tend to range from 50/75 points (marketpoints) for short surveys to 500 – 1000 points for longer surveys.
Each MarketPoint is equivalent to $0.05.

I don’t always qualify for the surveys but the site happens to be one of the few that still rewards you some points for attempting the survey.

Most surveys are pretty simple to do, no problems with them, the images and questions are often straight-forward and you can normally complete with 10-15 minutes for a 15-20 minute survey.

I have however received a number of surveys which had problems with the sound, e.g I am meant to be giving my opinion on some songs played on radio but I can’t hear the sound and there’s 40 songs in the sequence – have had to quit those ones at the beginning..! though when they work, they are the simplest to fill out.

The site is also one of the few that accepts international members and you just need to be 18 and over to join (or 14-17 with parental permission.)

The minimum payout required is 1000 MarketPoints which are equivalent to $50. Payment is by cheque (in your local currency) and this is mailed to your address within 6-8 weeks.

(Very advantageous that they do the payment conversion for you too so you just have to bank the cheque!)

I’d recommend…


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