5 Places to Buy a Sword

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Swords of Honor Armory

Working out of central Indiana, this is a good place to start for the first-time sword buyer or the beginning Renaissance festival attendee. They have a little bit of everything, swords, period clothing, leather boots, other weapons, books, CDs etc. And they’re prices are more than reasonable; inf fact, if you find yourself balking at their prices, then you probably shouldn’t think about buy a sword. Most of what they sell are re-enactment weapons, blades more for looks or for the theater than actual combat, but for most people that’s not a problem. I mean, when is the last time the Huns came charging over the hill and you had to grab your trusty broadsword to fend them off? Swords of Honor does have a few battle-ready swords, however, if you are more interested in the real deal.

Museum Replicas

This company has an interesting shop near Atlanta, George, where you can go in and personally see many of the items they sell. But they sell all over the world. In fact, Museum Replicas is one of the best-known retailers for swords and historical garments and gear. Not only do they offer historical pieces, but they also have weapons and a few other items from movies, books and comic books. Want Iron Man’s helmet or Captain America’s shield? This is the place to go. The prices are usually in a pretty wide range, from the fairly cheap to somewhat expensive. But keep in mind the old saying, you get what you pay for, and it’s definitely true when it comes to swords.

Age of Chivalry

Operating out of California, this is another company that offers a bit of everything sword and historical related. Recently they’ve begun carrying a very few true antique items, mostly Bronze Age arrowheads. They’re average prices tend to be a little higher than some of the other places listed here, but they have cheaper items, too, since they have such a wide variety of stuff. They even have for sale children’s historical clothing and wooden eating utensils.

LionGate Arms and Armour

If you want the real thing, a true piece of history, you can’t do much better than LionGate in Arizona. They offer swords, armor, firearms and more from various periods of history, though I’ve noticed mostly through the last 500 or so years. Yes, the prices will be expensive. But what can you expect when you’re buying a 200-year-old samurai’s helmet? Or a 500-year-old spear? The average person might not be able to afford these pieces without saving up for a good while, but the true collector will be able to find something just right for them.

Legacy Forge

Here you’re getting your swords right from the makers themselves. They make some real beauties, including axes, fantasy weapons and Eastern blades. The prices are maybe just a little more than what you’d pay for from a traditional retailer, but the quality makes it worth it. Here you’re getting a real, modern, sword and not just a piece of junk that’s going to break or bend the first time you drop it (which you should never do if at all possible).

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