What the new iPhone 3G for the web will mean ?

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One year after the presentation of the original iPhone is now Apple’s second generation of its smartphones on the market. With all the discussion of individual features, however, the most important aspect: The new iPhone is finally mobile Internet for the mass market.

Apple corrects the biggest weaknesses of the original iPhones, but not all features are expected in the new unit there. This is, however, honestly, fairly no matter because before louder Featuritis was mostly overlooked, that Apple has a massive strategic shift has made the mass market for mobile Internet will open up. Compared to the original concept of the iPhone, three new things:

1. Apple opens its developer platform (and keep it closed while some, like Apple always makes a stop). This makes the iPhone suddenly became one of the most attractive platforms for mobile applications of all kinds are particularly interesting iPhone applications that run locally, but with the Internet act. Fairly sure be such hybrid applications as the dominant form of mobile Internet to establish, because they are more efficient and more attractive than a purely web-based applications. Now of course this idea is not fundamentally new, but as always, Apple’s implementation is very simple, elegant, and therefore mass-market friendly.

2. At the same time is Apple’s original high-price and makes the iPhone a very normal, subsidized by the mobile phone provider. Thus, the device is suddenly disconnected from affordable luxury to use device. The European prices are still not entirely clear, but in the U.S. market, the iPhone with its new prices now directly comparable rivals from the BlackBerry, Windows or Palm-bearing partially clear. Since many customers are no longer resist them.

3. While Apple initially, nor the business has virtually ignored, the new iPhone as a business targeted device, and thus as a direct competitor BlackBerry positioned. If Apple even amerkanische army praise on the iPhone as a working device can instigate, it has already put a lot of substance. The new MobileMe platform also offers an affordable BlackBerry-like solution for small businesses and individuals.

These three measures all have the same goal: the higher the mass market to crack. So far, the iPhone was a cult device for gadget freaks, it is now the bread and butter smartphone – and is coincidentally the most elegant and most powerful being in the platform market. Apple has deliberately refrained from using the new iPhone the feature bar even higher and continues to do so in a Massenappeal.

Why is this so important now for the Internet industry? Previously this was mainly a mobile web. Poor browser, absurd prices and data applications mediocre prevented many users for mobile browsing could inspire.

As I said iPhone users as the (literally) first hour in order to confirm the strong web browser in the iPhone alone changed the mobile browsing already massive. All the statistics say that iPhone users are much more mobile on the Web as the user move other smartphones. Now even hybrid network applications and other useful business applications are added, should use the final walk through the ceiling.

The competition is not that remained hidden, and therefore all competitors Basten hectically to new, more attractive smartphones. Apple is not about the market in Allgeingang roll, but against massive opposition from RIM, Nokia, Palm, Windows Mobile camps and even Google will soon have to fight. But competition known to the business, keeps prices low and the high degree of innovation. And that is exactly what has in recent years become somewhat sluggish smartphone industry needed.

That’s why: High-quality mobile Internet access on the iPhone level in at least two years, absolutely self-evident. And this new channel to the users is a blessing for the Internet industry.

Indeed, so new applications, new business models (including – gasp – the sale of applications for cash), and not least in many areas of the cards reshuffled. Even very personal applications like social networking to reach the very personal smartphone a new dimension. In other words: The phone is data-salve to some others, but full-fledged second channel for Internet access.

All this is now available for early adopters and gadget freaks are not really new. For Twitter, google Share briefcases and we do not have all of our mobile phone? Yes, sure. But for the mass market, this is all very well be extremely new. And it is precisely this novelty effect of the mobile Web could eventually triumphant breakthrough.

A bit reminds me of the advent of the first web browser. At the time, but all the old Internet hares unimpressed, because a graphical browser so ultimately just a bit nicer user interface to something is what it has long existed. But for the mass market made exactly this relatively small gain in ease of use make the difference. The Web has quickly become a mass medium.

Therefore: Apples new iPhone strategy, a new phase in mobile telephony and also in the development of the Internet heralded. Presumably, we have now finally the “tipping point” in the growth curve of the mobile Internet is exceeded.


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