Multimedia Apps for iPhone 3G

Multimedia Apps for iPhone 3G

With this keynote at the WWDC 2009 developer conference Apple was aware of the fact that currently more than 50,000 programs in the AppStore, the online store for iPhone and iPod Touch, are located. After a lengthy waiting period now appear more and more programs, the requirements of the new OS 3.0 from Apple and are the new features of the operating system use. Whether free or at cost, network world, in different categories, the favorite programs of editorial detail.

Both the iPhone and iPod Touch are perfect for multimedia applications. Besides the player can be integrated with numerous applications, radio programs via the WLAN or UMTS network is received. Many virtual musical instruments are available for the iPhone and musicians delight over Hilfprogramme for their own instrument. Also videos and podcasts can be downloaded and play.

Midomi Ultra

If the Ohrwurm not stop thinking about, the title or artist but do not want to invade, helps Midomi Ultra continues. The formerly free software recognizes gesummte or sung melodies and radio recordings and the right songs. The optimal pitch or the right text the user will not meet. Midomi offers an opportunity to play original songs and information about the artist and title, matching YouTube videos. The user can also found the music has a direct link in the iTunes Store.

Who the song a little art masters will be available on the website accompanying a part or the whole song in Midomi submit to the search results to improve. The song can be a user in the search results will be admired. Currently, the innovative program will cost 3.99 euros. Users who are then free variant ever been tested, have received the update still free.

Guitar Toolkit

Also for musicians AppStore contains many surprises. Guitarists or those who wish to benefit from the Guitar Collection Tool Toolkit. In addition to a tuner for guitars with six or twelve strings and basses with four or five strings, the program also over 260 different chord charts in more than 1,500 variations. For a better sense of rhythm, the program also has a metronome.

With over 40 variants of vocal Guitar Toolkit is also suitable for professionals. The chords and scales are compared to other programs, expensive and very professionally designed and can also coincide with the iPhone play. With 7.99 euros, the guitarist for more than half the cost of a conventional tuning device saves.


With a unique recommendation system provides years since the internet radio program. The user searches for his favorite music and receive suggestions for similar sounding artist, perhaps he might like. With a simple evaluation of the earpiece fits more of his favorites. In addition, upon request with an additional program to be recorded ear to proposals targeted to deliver.

Fans can see for some time also in the same iPhone program. In addition to creating the best radio stations, he receives information about artists and songs. Should the artist live just occur, the user can also the events in his environment retrieve. is like the service on the Internet free of charge.


Aspiring musicians and their fans should be very careful with their ears around. A regular visit to the ear doctor is available for all people who are exposed to high volume, indispensable. uHear saves the practice and testing fee strained ears. The program offers a six-hearing and shows the performance of the right and left ear in detail. UHear also offers a test for selective hearing and a questionnaire.

All results can be saved. If the test is even worse than usual, fails, the user should be on the way to the ear doctor does not renounce. uHear finds that at least in the U.S. a suitable doctor in the vicinity of the iPhone owner. The hearing test is in contrast to the doctor for free.

Air Video

InMethod recently published an interesting video application for the iPhone or iPod touch. Air allows video streaming from their own videos for mobile devices. You need to have a small program for the Mac or Windows PC download. The Streaming Server is free and enables your video folder or iTunes playlists in free Wi-Fi network.

This allows the user in the WLAN network his watch videos without them first on the iPhone to load them. Currently Air video only plays H.264 and MPEG4 videos. If the film in any of the two formats are available, the user can directly from the iPhone from a conversion of videos in order. The mobile application currently costs 2.39 euros.

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