About collecting vinyl record albums

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Collecting vinyl records is a very exciting and fun hobby.  Many older albums have not made it to the CD format or itunes yet.  So record collecting is a great way to find music that one might never hear.  Plus many audiophiles still believe the vinyl format is the best way to hear music, rather than cassettes or even compact discs.

There are many places to find older record albums.  Record Stores are one.  Locally in Nashville there are several that still sell vinyl.   The Great Escape, Phonoluxe Records, Grimeys, Lawrence Record Shop are a few that offer a wide variety of vinyl records.

A great place to look is the $1.00 or bargain bins of these stores.   Many times you can find even still sealed albums for only $1.00!  Thrift stores are another great source of vinyl records.  Goodwill, Salvation Army, and other non-profit thrift stores usually have vinyl for around $1.00 or less.  Sometimes you can find real treasures.

Besides older albums, new releases are another way to collect vinyl. Many people believe that albums are not even released on vinyl anymore which is untrue.  Yes, the record companies have for the most part quit releasing albums in vinyl, but there are still plenty of artists releasing their albums on the vinyl format even today.  Many of the newer alternative bands release their albums on vinyl.  Even some bands as Pearl Jam released one of their albums on vinyl first, a week before it came out on CD.

Collecting records is a fun and exciting hobby.  Whether you collect just for the listening pleasure of great older music, or to re-sell on ebay as a side business, it is worth the time and effort to find wonderful classic albums too soon forgotten.


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