To dye or not to dye?

To dye or not to dye: He was in a great dilemma. If he acceded to dye his gray hair, it would be a radical departure from his tradition, what was hitherto followed by his ancestors, his father, grandfather, great grand father and so on. They went gray naturally or rather into milky white and maintained a healthy and majestic look and tradition as they grew old. If he chose not to dye his hair, it was a great insult or rather an injustice to his wife, who considered him rather unequal, because her hair remained utter black despite of getting old, since her family tradition was to remain naturally black whether it was her mother, grand mother or great grand mother. She even refused to accompany him for any functions like marriage, since people had genuine doubts about their relationship.People definitely thought that they were not husband and wife. Finally it was the will of his wife that prevailed. He also wanted to be treated equally by his wife. At last he decided to dye his hair rather reluctantly. However, he had no idea about it..

He did not even know the name of any dye. He was also rather shy of purchasing a dye, not knowing where to purchase, what to ask or how to ask His wife magnanimously agreed to help him.It was she who purchased it, dyed his gray hair with the professional skill of a make up woman.After getting dyed he looked smarter and younger than his wife with his utter black hair. But the credit went to his wife.She took pride that she could reduce the age of her husband at least by ten years. She even preferred to go with him for shopping and for viewing movies etc, with the mental make up of a newly married couple.He was also elated at the humane treatment offered to him by his wife.

But this honey moon did not last long.Very soon he got disillusioned with his hair dye though he had not any allergic problems with it.Being a lawyer and having attained a middle age, his newer clients considered him too young to deal with their complicated civil cases.Just because he looked very young, he even lost a couple of bundles.Perhaps they thought he was paying too much attention for his good looks through his hair dye and he might not pay proper attention to their case, that they actually deserved.

He and his wife also had some problems from another quarter.Their children were growing and have started to go to college. They were grown up. He was also looking for alliances for their children.One day there took place a very serious midnight conference between him and his wife.The burning issues were: what to do with his hair dyeing in the modified context, how to face his clients etc.They arrived at the following solutions:- He should continue to dye his hair, but the frequency of dyeing his hair should be reduced; Specific areas of hair nearby the ear etc should not be dyed and left to remain gray, so that he might have a majestic look of an elderly statesman.

After a few years, his wife did realise that her husband was no more a young man.Their daughter had got married.Now they had become grand parents.They paid more attention to play with their grand children; They went for shopping to purchase dolls for them; He became serious in dealing with his clients as a senior lawyer. Nowadays, he used to dye his hair once in a blue moon. His wife also began to look at her husband as a grandpa of her grand children.Wearing goggles, now they looked at each other more meaningfully.

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