Justice Libheran Commission has submitted its report!

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Justice Libheran Commission has submitted its report!

When I saw it in the news papers I could not believe my eyes.At last Justice Libheran Commission had submitted its report to the Indian Prime Minister after a period of 17 long years.

In the meanwhile the commission’s tenure was extended as many as 48 times.The Government had also spent a huge sum of Rs 8 crores for this commission.

The BJP President Mr.Rajnath Singh questioned the inordinate delay involved in the submission of the report.Some other BJP leaders felt that the timing of the Libheran commission’s report was most intriguing.

The Libheran commission was appointed for enquiring into the unfortunate episode, the demolition of the Babri Masjid and the controversies surrounding the Ram Janma Bhoomi issue etc, including the security lapses if any that might have prevailed at that time in the UP.

The Libheran commission had its initial sittings in the UP and latter got shifted to Delhi.A court order temporarily stalled the functioning of the commission only for two years. Barring that above hitch, there was no any other problem for the commission to go ahead with its enquiry. However, it is a mystery what actually prompted the commission to get as many as 48 extensions and 17 long years to complete its enquiry.

It is an irony to note that yet another commission may have to be appointed to find out ‘why there was an inordinate delay in submitting the Justice Libheran commission report?’

The commission had interrogated as many as 100 witnesses, most of them were popular political leaders, like Kalyansingh, the then UP Chief Minister, L.K.Advani, Jyothi Bosu, Vajpayee, Narasimma Rao and others.

After the submission of the report, Justice Libheran was tight lipped about the contents of the report.It appears that the report may be tabled in the parliament in the forthcoming session.

The dastardly act of demolishing the Babri Masjid by the Hindu fundamentalists with the blessings of political leaders was a national affront on the secular fabric of India.It exposed the so called Hindu-Muslim unity, said to have prevailed in India.

In order to proclaim to the whole world that India is really a socialist, sovereign, secular and democratic republic in the real sense of the terms, the Indian Government should totally accept the commission’s report and book the culprits in right earnest.

Then only, the wounds of the Muslims will be healed and they will reaffirm their faith in the secular fabric of India.

Otherwise, India will become a laughing stock in the whole world, besides losing its self-respect.


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