Should you quit your day job to blog?

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Should you quit your day job to blog?

‘Quitting a day job to blog’ may be an interesting proposal or idea. But it is not in tune with the stark realities of a blogger’s family background or his economic conditions.

Most of us are employed elsewhere to eke out our livelihood, to look after our families. But we are blogging out of sheer passion, to vent our experiences, our feelings, our creative ideas etc not regularly but as and when time permits us.

Most of the bloggers choose one or more web sites or even have their own blogspots to write either blogs or articles of their choice, in which they are adepts or experts, but still they are not sure whether they will have enough traffic to their web sites. Of course, bloggers do have a tie up with google ad sense or any advertising agency to have their ads exhibited in their blogspots. But, they are unsure how much income they will earn in a given period, as their legitimate share from the google adsense revenue. The bloggers are unsure of their adsense revenue share in a month, because they don’t know how many of the visitors will click on the ads exhibited on their blogspot and how far googles ads will be relevant or sought after by the visitors. Of course there are some sites like which are, of late, giving 100 % adsense revenue share to the bloggers. Even then, the bloggers are unsure of their income fetched by their blogs, because, the income from the blogs depend on the clicks made by the visitors or fellow bloggers.

Again a blogger has to write interesting and relevant blogs to have traffic to his blogs and only few of them are having that requisite skill. A blogger has to work hard, read more, write more, devote more time, comment upon others blogs, cultivate friendship with his fellow bloggers, to have an identity as a blogger and get somewhat established as a blogger. However, it is the incoming traffic or visits to his blogs, that ultimately desides and establishes a blogger.In other words, in order to establish oneself as a blogger and earn something it takes many years. Until then the blogger has to persevere.

Again there are certain other sites like, and etc which are paying to blog posts. Specific topics are given to blog and mostly these topics are suitable only to those people who are inured to a particular culture. We can even see the names of a few top bloggers earning in thousands of dollars, but most of them happened to be inured to a particular culture.

Of course there are some marketing sites too for bloggers like etc and also blog directories, giving an opportunity for bloggers to sell their blogs.But the income they fetch through such attempts are meager and once in a blue moon and far between.

In my humble opinion, a blogger who is mostly blogging out of passion, as time goes on, gets himself established as a popular blogger, only after a few years of blogging according to his writing ability, only to see that his blogs fetch some additional income occasionally when years roll by. Unless he establishes himself so quickly as a popular blogger and gets sufficient traffic too to his blogs and he is also capable of earning more than sufficient income from his blogs that will help him to have his both ends meet, it is a highly risky proposition that a blogger should quit his day job to blog. A bird in the nest is worthy than the two in the bushes. Is it not?


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