How to get more views for your articles

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Social bookmarking can be a very powerful tool in web marketing. You bookmark something interesting, new, unusual and extraordinary and share it with millions of web users around the world. When other interested social networking members like it, you can get millions of hits on a single article.

1. Stumbleupon

Stumbleupon is not only a great way to discover new ideas for your articles, it is a brilliant way of getting other people to rate your work. Stumbleupon uses a method using opinions of users on the quality of your website. Stumbleupon is extremely easy to use. You register as a new user, install the toolbar and when you like a website you just press the thumbs up button. When you don’t like a website you just press the thumbs down button. You can add friends and easily share websites between friends to rate and multiply your hits.

2. Digg

Digg is a social community where you can discover, comment, share, select topics and articles that you like and that appeals to you. The user interface is also very easy to use and you start of by registering as a new user. You can then submit your favorite content and it will then appear in upcoming stories where other users of the digg community can give you a digg(vote) when they like your content. When your article has earned a certain amount of diggs it becomes popular. It will then be featured on the homepage of that specific category. You participate in the community by digging the content that you like and when you don’t like something you bury it.You add friends to your network and can easily share content with your friends to rate and discuss.

3. Reddit

Reddit is an excellent source of new content on the web. The reddit community decide what is good and bad by giving a vote of like or dislike. It is easy to create an account and your ready to submit your content. Your content gets a score which is the number of likes minus the number of dislikes. Each user has a karma score and this is an indication of the contribution the user has made to the reddit community. If you submit content that other users like, your karma score will increase.

4. Delicious

Delicious is another social bookmarking site where you bookmark interesting bookmarks and easily tag, and share them with your friends. You can easily discover what is popular on the delicious network by looking at the popular tags.

5. Propeller

Propeller is a social community where the content is created by the community.Community members post links to content on the web where other members can comment and vote(props) for there favourite content. The submissions with the most props will make it to the propeller home page and land you even more hits.

6. Twitter

Twitter is a easy way to keep your friends up to date on what you are doing. You can easily share your latest article with all your friends with one short message. Just get your friends to follow you on twitter and make sure you update your twitters frequently. Make sure you also follow your friends and keep up to date with what they are doing. It is a 2 way street.

7. Faves

Faves is a social bookmarking site I would rate for the beginner. The user interface is not as user friendly as the more popular social bookmarking sites. It works on the same principal as most of the other social bookmarking sites where you submit a link, tag it and users vote(fave) for the content they like. Your link gets a score and the links with the highest score will get feautured on the front page of the link catagory.

Be careful when using these sites and always follow the rules as you can easily be banned. On some occasions your url can even be banned and this might negatively influence other people as well. Happy bookmarking.


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