Taj Mahal, a deity of love or deception?-IV

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Here, we shall discuss the forged documentary used by Shah Jahan, to claim the Taj Mahal.

Forged Documentary

  • The Muslim caretakers of the tomb in the Tajmahal used to possess a document which they styled as “Tarikh-i-Tajmahal”. Historian H.G. Keene has branded it as `a document of doubtful authenticity’. Keene was uncannily right since we have seen that Shahjahan not being the creator of the Taj Mahal any document which credits Shahjahan with the Tajmahal, must be an outright forgery. Even that forged document is reported to have been smuggled out of Pakistan. Besides such forged documents there are whole chronicles on the Taj which are pure concoctions.
  • There is lot of sophistry and casuistry or atleast confused thinking associated with the Taj even in the minds of proffesional historians, archaelogists and architects. At the outset they assert that the Taj is entirely Muslim in design. But when it is pointed out that its lotus capped dome and the four corner pillars etc. are all entirely Hindu those worthies shift ground and argue that that was probably because the workmen were Hindu and were to introduce their own patterns. Both these arguments are wrong because Muslim accounts claim the designers to be Muslim,and the workers invariably carry out the employer’s dictates.


The conclusion is easy to derive. There is strong evidence suggesting that the Taj Mahal is much more than a mausoleum. There is much more to it’s history and tradition. It is only a matter of time before this evidence shines in the eyes of the world, for the truth cannot be concealed for long.


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