Man Bags: Lifting the Weights of Purses

If you are a man, you are not allowed to read this article. This article about man bags is meant for women only. So take a breath, oh male one, and move on to a different article. Besides, I am sure my opinion will not make any difference on whether or not you will carry a man bag. You are confident and self-assured and if you want to carry a man bag, then do so. I’m waiting…

Now that all the men are gone, let’s talk.

Ladies, I have to tell you, I love the concept of man bags. Yes, I say this for purely selfish reasons but I think it is time for men to start carrying the bags. Some things you can only learn by experiencing them.

Recently, my family went on a trip to Holiday World (a great family theme park) and my husband and I both packed separate bags. He packed a bag for the males in the family and I packed a bag for myself and for my daughter.

In my bag, I packed the necessary items including swimsuits and towels and a few other items that might be needed throughout the day. My bag was a manageable size and if for some reason I had to carry it around the park I knew I could.

On the other hand, my husband and sons who are all boy scouts and live by the Boy Scout motto of
“Be prepared,” packed a large duffel bag for their man bag. I tried to discreetly give them advice about what to bring and what not to bring but it was to no avail. Their man bag was very heavy. It was so heavy I had to repress an urge to look for a hammer and other tools that I was sure had to be in there.

However, when they insisted that they all needed a pair of sandals and shoes is when I realized that they were going to take whatever they wanted to take, period. This is also when I realized that I think man bags are a great idea and that it just might open a whole new venue of communication between the sexes.

For years I have carried the purse heavily laden with the tools of child rearing. Wipes, tissues, toys, food, keys, first aid kit, scissors and more-yes, at some point I believe I’ve carried it all. Yet over the years, I have progressively lightened the load. My purse is now a respectable and fashionable size once again. I no longer get headaches from the shoulder strain and I have come to the realization that I am not nor do I wish to be a pack mule ever again.

So I’m putting this out there, ladies, let them carry the man bags. I would love to have a conversation that would go something like this…

“Honey, would you put this in your man bag? This just won’t fit in my petite woman’s wallet. I promise not to tell anyone you have this in there. Wink.”

I’m all for letting the men build up their muscles with man bags and I really love the idea of this new communication of the future-let’s unite and encourage this trend of man bags. By the way, does anyone have a recommendation for a stylish woman’s wallet? I saw the cutest one over there next to the man bags section…

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