Three kind’s of Death

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Death can be a scary subject to most people most of the time but death doesn’t have to be scary to people all of the time. For me to be scared of dying would mean that I am not sure when I die where I will spend eternity.

The content in this article deals with three kinds of death.There are three kinds of people in this world the ones that don’t know about the three kind’s of death or don’t want to know and those who think you transform into a butterfly.

First as everyone knows that physical death is when you stop breathing and your heart stops beating and your brain stops functioning. This is a physical death

In the bible the first book of Peter chapter three verse eighteen the subject of death here is about the physical death of Jesus. All through the bible you can read about people dying a physical death. I am sure that if you are reading this article you know someone who has died.

Now on the subject of spiritual death. If you believe it or not the body we have is just a shell of who we really are. We all have a spirit person within us. This spirit person will look just as you do now. In John chapter twenty verse twenty seven Jesus told Thomas to put his finger into his side and to look at his hands. The point I am making is that Jesus died and then arose from the dead and has a spirit body and when we die we will live again and have a spirit body.

A spiritual death is when you die and you don’t know Jesus as your savior and did not ask Jesus to forgive you of your sins.

Last of all is eternal death. As I have written and as we all know there is a physical death but this last death is an eternal death and in Matthew chapter eight and verse twelve the bible describes a eternal spiritual death where your spirit body will suffer for eternity.    


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