iPhone 3G S – New hardware for the Apple Cellphone

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iPhone 3G S -New hardware for the Apple cellphone

The newest variant is called the iPhone 3G S. With the new digital camera with a resolution of three megapixels, it takes photos next to videos in VGA resolution with 640 x 480 pixels at 30 frames per second. By supporting the OpenGL standards will remain for the new iPhone game developers even more interesting. All users will also benefit from even faster mobile Internet by supporting the UMTS-HSDPA variant with up to 7.2 megabits per second.

For better orientation in the map program Google Maps provides the digital compass, the maps at the reality level. By voice can make calls or play music with iTunes use. The battery of the iPhone 3G is S longer than the current iPhone 3G donate. There is an increase in the use of WLAN as well as audio and video playback. The term UMTS usage stays at five hours.

The iPhone 3G is S from 19 June 2009 in Germany in the colors black and white. The U.S. prices are $ 199 for the 16-gigabyte version and $ 299 for iPhone 3G S with 32 gigabytes of storage space. The old Apple iPhone 3G continues to offer – for $ 99. As the price of T-Mobile, the exclusive distributor of Apple for the iPhone in Germany, the future looks, at this stage is not known.

Even old iPhone models evaluates Apple shortly with the new iPhone OS 3.0 to OS. The more than 100 new features but they are also owners of the iPhone 3G to S Good. Among them are “Copy + Paste”, Landscape view in more applications than ever before, MMS sending and a search of the entire mobile search (Spotlight). New applications can no longer just about the App Store from Apple to buy, but also directly on the Apps order – for example, new levels for a game or e-books.

About iTunes movies can be directly connected to the iPhone to buy or borrow. IPhones may be the parents of their children from unsuitable content. “Autofill” protects the brains of all those who are no user names and passwords to remember, by proposals for the completion of an unfinished term returns. With iPhone OS 3.0 allows the computer to the Internet use of mobile phones. Support this feature so far only providers in 22 of the 44 countries where the iPhone is currently available. T-Mobile has not said whether this function is supported in Germany.

In collaboration with TomTom expands Apple iPhone to full-fledged navigation device. Returns alongside a TomTom app and the right bracket for the windshield. Lost or stolen iPhones, thanks “Find my iPhone” and the integrated GPS module can be easily found. The site can either MobileMe or via any browser on Google Maps are available. A special message can be shrill ringing the iPhone, even if it is set to silent. Who on the safe side, can the data on the phone with a single command, and delete through a backup restore quickly if the iPhone back in safe hands.

Apple released iPhone OS 3.0 on 17 June 2009 worldwide. For the owner of an iPhone is to update for free. For the iPod Touch will cost them $ 9.99.


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