Apple rejects file sharing program from Drive Train

Apple rejects file sharing program from Drive Train

As the operator of the App Store, where programs for the iPhone are offered, Apple decides what applications in the online shop will be and what not. For his decisions must be the Mac manufacturer regularly criticism leave. The current justification with which a file-sharing program is not included, however, shows a frightening understanding of prevention: Apple could not distribute the program, because with him offenses, specifically copyright infringement, could be perpetrated.

The programmers ranged from Maza Digital Drivtrain its program for Apple’s App Store, without knowing evil. By Drive Train leaves the BitTorrent client Transmission of control from the iPhone. The first response from Apple was an e-mail that ‘unexpected additional time for review “was necessary. In the next mail was followed by the rejection. Apple had decided to stop this kind of programs no longer in the App Store to publish because “this category of applications are often used to protect the rights of third parties to infringe.”

Apple rejects an application, because it so illegal acts could. This reasoning is not only obedience before leading the music and film industry, but Apple could backfire. First, Apple’s own products also theoretically be used for crimes, on the other hand, grows in any of the programmers displeasure about Apple and its App Store. It is not only difficult to understand reasons for the refusals of applications, but also about money. Apple is in the opinion of many programmers to spend much time with the transfer of their share in the revenue from sales of their applications.

Rejection of incomprehension

For Maza Digital is the rejection of Apple Drive Train “ridiculous.” BitTorrent and its programs were not illegal. Drive Train was not even a BitTorrent client, and invites himself no files. The application only serves to control transmission of the download programs. Follow Apple’s own reasoning, that each program that removed only with BitTorrent to do, for the App Store to be rejected – for example, the 2.99 dollar program Trackr with which BitTorrent downloads on uTorrent and Transmission manage.

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