Apple iPhone 3G S Latest Apple Product.

Apple iPhone 3G S
Better camera, faster processor, longer battery life: Apple Introduces iPhone 3G with the S an evolved version of the iPhone 3G sales hit before. Only experts will be at first glance the differences between the old and the new note. The biggest changes are under the black or white plastic cap. The view among them is worthwhile.

At the WWDC developer conference in San Francisco let Apple spokesman Phil Schiller, the attending journalists long fidget. Only after the introduction of new notebook models, the new Apple operating system, Snow Leopard and the new iPhone OS 3.0 operating system, he is the keyword to which most attendees have been waiting for: iPhone 3G S, the fastest and most powerful to date iPhone. ”

Faster: New processor provides twice as fast work

At first glance identical to the previous model and the new iPhone 3G S as an egg the other. Important innovations mainly stuck under the hood. Thus, the new model thanks to a powerful, but not further defined processor specific tasks such as opening an email attachment to it twice as fast as the iPhone 3G. A significant speed increase, there is also the Internet connection. Depending on the network availability of the new owners surf iPhones with up to 7.2 megabits per second in the vastness of the Internet. This is made possible by the UMTS turbo HSDPA. For comparison: The old iPhone surfs with a maximum speed of 3.6 megabits per second on web pages.

Sharpener: 3-megapixel camera with touch-focus and video capture

Apple had a lot of criticism because of the integrated digital camera of the first two iPhone models plug. When 3GS-model, the manufacturer promises better now. The new camera shoots images with a resolution of up to three mega pixels. Recordings are in macro mode now from a distance of ten centimeters possible. In addition, the new iPhone model now better photos in low light conditions provide. Answers: For a subject with the iPhone 3G S, it is sufficient that the corresponding picture on the screen to touch. This feature is known by more mature digital cameras.

Communicative: Voice Recognition for iPhone

A long pressure on the Home button on the 3G S activates the voice command. Then just a name from the address database out to the desired contact. This principle gives Apple also integrated on the iPod. This should be sufficient to name the favorite album out in order to add to the playlist. The other way is possible: Runs an unknown song, just the loud strong demand while holding the home button and the iPhone responds to the announcement of the title and artist.

Local: Compass improved Google Maps

A built-in compass orientation increases the assets of the new iPhones, especially in conjunction with the software preinstalled Google Maps. Henceforth, one click on the map and the map view is the view direction of the user. This is primarily for pedestrian navigation practical.

Longer: Improved battery life

The battery life of the iPhone 3G may not be enough time for a full workday from. In the new edition praised Apple improvement: 12 instead of 10 hours talk time, 9 instead of 6 hours Wi-Fi surfing, 30 instead of 24 hours of audio playback and 10 instead of 7 hours of video playback, the announcement of the manufacturer.

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