Ephesus-the first greatest metropolis in ancient Asia

The ancient city of Ephesus is a must see for thousands of people since thousands of years because of its historical meaning, spectacular views and interesting atmosphere one can experience there. The city was the first greatest metropolis in ancient Asia. Going back deep into history is such a unique way step by step to go into the ancient years to find interesting facts about life and old traditions. Many people who travel in this region either to Kusadasi and Marmaris or even pass the country in transit stop in Ephesus to see this lively, unspoiled place. Others take a tour with a special stopover at this unique place.

Being not only a port city but one of the most attractive ports of the ancient world, Ephesus was in such a position to attract people from all over the world. People came here to exchange their goods, treasures, spices and merchandises. It seems like the time has stopped here. Even in the old times visitors from Roman cities, Greece, Mesopotamia, Babylon came here to experience the fame and prosperity of Ephesus.

The visitor, today, wonders of beauty and atmosphere here and wants to learn more and more for the historical significance of this place. The Temple of Hadrian with its interesting friezes dating back in the 3rd c. AD, the ancient Theater, the Tomb/ Fountain of Pollio, the impressive Roman Library of Celsus ( reconstructed in all original pieces), the Gate of Augustus, the Temple of Domitian (one of the largest in the city), the Tomb of John the Apostle at the Basilica of St. John (6th c. AD)-these are only some of the main sites which are collected in the largest collection of Roman ruins in the eastern Mediterranean. All the ruins give an idea of the city`s life and its splendor. One of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, the Temple of Artemis, could be seen here. Although it is represented by only one inconspicuous column the place is interesting and full with memories about ancient times. The other fragments and finds could be found in the British Museum(London) or in the Archaeological Museum(Istanbul).

Especially interesting for some of the tourists are the theaters. For example, the Odeon (this small roofed theater) was a place where more than 1000 people were able to seat and enjoy the plays and concerts. The place is impressive with its stairs and granite pillars. Another theater which is believed to be the largest outdoor theater in the ancient world has a capacity of 44 000 seats. There were also two agoras-for commercial and for state business.

The Museum of Ephesus is not far from the port of Kusadasi, only 20 minutes away. One can find seven halls where the various and valuable treasures were presented. The most favorite hall by the tourists is this which shelters original coffee tables, everyday utensils and statues.

NB! Ephesus is an Open Museum and if you want to visit it during summer months, please do not forget to take a cap, an umbrella and a bottle of water with you. Тhe temperatures are very high at this time of the year.

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