How police are cracking down on human trafficking problems on the strips

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Human trafficking is a problem in Las Vegas. Police are cracking down on women who are trying to work for cash. It’s illegal in Las Vegas, Clark County. It’s legal in Pahrump or some ranches outside of Vegas. A lot of women try to do it in the hotels on the strip. Recently police have operated a sting operation to remove women that are working on the strip. They have the top 50 list of common women who worked the strip. They were arrested and ban from ever going around the strip. They can get arrested if they show up around the strip. They even have their photos on the internet. These were women in the early twenties to thirties. They were attractive women who look nice.

Police are doing everything that they can to keep these women and other off of the strip property. They are arresting them and giving them 100 hours of community service and take a required Aids awareness class. I think that Aids is a problem in Las Vegas. I walked through some ads on Craig list and I saw men who were looking for other Aids patients to have a relationship with. It’s obvious that they can’t even quit after having Aids. Police goes as undercover to take down these women. They pretends to be customers and asking for service. They pretend to be customers in a hotel or on the strip streets.

It’s unfortunate for those who are working and got caught because they can’t find work with a criminal record for prostitution. It will be very difficult to find a job once you have a criminal record in Vegas. Vegas have all the casino and you will not be able to find work if you have a criminal record. It tells employer that you’re a high risk case. They won’t hire you. These women are considered weak because they are poor and they can’t fight back the police that are cracking down on prostitution when the state of Nevada legalized some prostitution. In some part of Nevada, prostitution is legal and in some part like Vegas, it’s illegal.

There are some defense attorney who says that cracking down on women is just a contradiction because Vegas glorifies women and their body with all sorts of nude strip clubs. They invite the scene and then they punish those that do it. Dancing is not a health risk but prostitution is a health risk. There is a health risk for Aids and this is the US where healthcare is a priority. They can’t let this happen in the US. We can’t be like some places in Asia. There is plenty of work here in the US and women kind find better work rather than sleeping on the street.


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