Sensa and weight loss : FDA banned hydroxy cut

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Researchers are coming out with new methods for healthy weight loss all the time and this time it was about how smells can help you lose weight or make you gain weight. A product called Sensa, a drug free product, helps to produce satiety faster and help people take in fewer calories. Sensa is a little package that can be bought to sprinkle on your food. Once you sprinkle it on your food, it tells you that you’re near full and you would eat less. It’s safe because there is no medication in it but rather it works with your smells nerves. You can try this to see if it will help.

According to ABC news, the studied of this product produce the fastest weight loss out of most other famous diet like Jenny Craig, Atkins, or Weight watchers. The group lost 30lbs in six months on this Sensa study. Sensa are sprinkles that you can put in your food to keep your appetite under control. It tells your hunger center that you are full and that makes you eat less. According to the research, they are saying that people’s sense of smell or the scent in their food could cause them to eat more or less. People who had brain injury eats more and gain weight more over time. People who are sensitive to smells eat less and lose weight over time. I think that it made sense because the brain is a system that responds based on your signals and stimulation. If you have enough stimulation sending to the brain, you wouldn’t need to take in more stimulation like extra food.

What else is new about weight loss? The FDA warns people to stop taking the diet pill Hydroxy cut because it causes liver damage and liver failure requiring people to have liver transplant. I think that this is true because I learned awhile back in nursing school that if you take too much medication, you’re overworking your liver. When you over work your liver, there will be liver damage and liver problems. According to ABC news, the FDA are saying that Hydroxy cut causes liver enzyme to increase and causes liver damage in many people who took this pill. The owner of Hydroxy cut, lovate has agreed to recall all Hydroxy cut from the current market. If you’re taking Hydroxy cut, you should stop because it could cause liver damage.

I used to take diet pills but it didn’t work for me. I gain more weight and I was paranoid. I gain a lot of water weight and my face was puffy. I had a stiff neck and had difficulty breathing. I’m not a fan of diet pills. I rather work out, eat less or look heavy but I would not take diet pills anymore. I used the help of green tea which is harmless and it really helps me lose weight. I lost a lot of weight just drinking the natural tea and it suppressed my appetite too. It’s inexpensive and can be bought over the counter. It’s a tea so it’s edible and safe. The average person should not take medication unless they are required to take medication for illnesses. Medication will make your liver work harder and you will have liver injuries.

The FDA also reported problems with Hydroxy cut such as seizures, cardiovascular disorders, and rhabdomyolysis. It’s almost common to tell us not to use unnatural things like diet pills. Diet pills for the most part are not healthy because you’re taking medication daily that you don’t need and you’re working your liver and other organs. It becomes unnatural for your body. The FDA also places a ban on 72 other diet pills or products over the counter. They said that these diet pills or products caused health problems for the public. The ingredients contain the maximum dose of prescription medication and other ingredients that can cause health problems for consumers.


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