Scandals on Craigslist

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Craigslist has gained many media attention recently due to the murder of a massage girl. The suspect was a medical student from Boston University. A medical student with a harmful weapon is a surprise to many people. Medical students are thought to be the most ethical out of them all and not to mention he had a fiancé.  Craigslist is a really good business and they earned around $100 million per year according to Huffington Post. They offer ads space for the world. It’s interesting to go to Craiglist and see what people in China are selling or posting for jobs. I always enjoy the rant and raves section on Craiglist. People go there to rant and rave about any topic that bothers them. It’s great entertainment. They also have a lot of forums such as the writer’s forum and the chat forum or the humor forum. You can get a lot of tips from other writers or business owners on there. Craigslist hasn’t failed to entertain me but there are also many creepy ads on there as well as human trafficking problems.

Craigslist has clean up a little bit since last year. Last year, I saw a lot of women posting fully nude photo but now they are posting more conservative photos and I think the editors deleted the really offensive ones. They used to have really offensive photos on their massage section. I used to ask myself if they were really massage services when the women were fully nude and posing in weird positions. I always thought that it was for something else. Craigslist is a great place to look for work, apartments, merchandise and all else but if you’re looking at their personal section, casual encounter section or massage section, you should not answer to any of those ads. They are offensive and fully nude. If you’re looking for a nice date, Craigslist is not the place. You will see fully nude photos of men and women. They only want to have fun and they are not looking for relationships. If they do that every single week with a different person, I wondered if they are clean at all. I might think that they are sick with some STDs and it’s very likely that they are sick with some STDs.

I don’t think that parents should allow their young girls or boys to look for a date on Craigslist. The majority of people there are looking for casual encounters only. They might be sick. I was reading a story on ABC news about a young man who contracted HIV for the first time when he met someone on the net for a date. Little did he know that the man had Aids? He lives with regret and he’s telling people to be careful when they go online to look for a date. There are some websites such as Craig list that offer mostly casual encounters. People that go on Craigslist are only looking for casual encounters and it’s very likely that they could have Aids. This is really a problem and that’s why people should avoid dating site like Craigslist.

You can try Yahoo because people have to pay $16 a month to date on Yahoo or to send messages. You know that they at least have the money to pay for it and the people are better. They are educated, healthy looking professionals. You can try websites like where people are cleaner and less offensive than people on Craigslist. You can never be too sure about someone’s health so you have to scan them all of the time when you’re meeting someone new. You should not sleep with them on the first three dates. You should interview them about their past relationships and see if they’re a monogamous type of dater or someone who sleeps around a lot. Someone who sleeps around a lot have a higher chance of contracting HIV and other STDs.


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