Making money on youtube

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You can make money on youtube if you have a good digital camera. A lot of people are making a high income on youtube. There are many independent shows on youtube. There are a lot of private video makers that upload their videos on youtube. If you know how to make a decent video then you can make money on youtube. It’s as easy as writing. It’s not hard work at all and it’s quicker than writing. You can write an article in half an hour but you can make a four minutes video in ten minutes. You can upload it and see how people will response to it. You have to be in good terms with google in order to participate in their program. You have to sign up for a google adsense account. It’s google adsense and ads that will be running on your videos. Not everyone will be approved; they will only approve those that have appropriate and decent quality videos. If you are trying to get into their program, I would suggest that you open a separate account just for business with them.

Google only like professional or high quality videos with high quality content. If your videos are poor or the content is poor or inappropriate, they might not approve you for the program. It will also depend on how many page views you have already on you videos. They wont’ accept new videos or profile that hasn’t reached at least several hundred thousands page views. They will accept you if you have several hundred thousands page views per week. If you have millions of page view, it is even better. The more page views you have the faster they will approve your account. Once they have approved your account, you can begin to enjoy your stable monthly income. There are a lot of viewers on you tube and maybe even more than some TV shows.

Youtube is a cool place because people love watching home videos or documentary or really unique videos that they don’t find on TV. If you are trying out for youtube, you have to aim at appropriate content and high quality videos. This means you can’t make a video that violates google’s terms of use. They will not accept your account. You should avoid profanity, nudity, home videos of yourself, dark videos, poor pictures, clutter videos, background noise, copyright, vulgar, violent content and all else as stated with their terms of use. You have to make a high quality video if you want them to approve you. A high quality video is one that has proper content, proper lighting, proper audio, proper video techniques and professionalism. If you have professionalism then you might get accepted faster but you need high page views too. They won’t accept your account if they are low in page views.


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