A girl attacked by a phyton at home

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Pets can be comforting but they can be a hazard for your young children. I have heard it on the news many times about how python, snakes, and chimps attacked little children in the home. It’s not uncommon once the pets break lose. Today there was a python story on Huffington Post. The python killed a little kid in the house. The python wrapped itself around the kid and killed her. Python can be life threatening if they wrap themselves around you and most python can be as long as 12 feet.  The python broke out of its cage and came to the little girl’s room. There were no parents there. Who in the world would have a kid in the house with a python?

I think people who keep python in their home as pet with little kids are too brave. I can’t even look at the photo of the python. It’s one of my worst fears in life. I could never look at a snake photo. Snakes are used as negative symbols in religion sometimes. Snakes are a symbol of evil in the bible. I wouldn’t keep a snake as a pet. There are people out there who catches snake for a living. You can use them for medicinal purposes. I wouldn’t go out there in the wilderness to try to catch snakes for $300. I think someone said it one time they get around $300 per snake. They usually go into the wilder to look for snake. I think that they are trained to catch snakes. I don’t think it’s a good idea for parents to have snakes or other dangerous animal around the house when they have children.

Animals can’t control themselves and they can go mad. Pit bulls have a tendency to go mad and attack their owners. Out of all of the animals out there, I think snakes and chimps are the most dangerous ones to have in the house if you have small children. I read another story in Vegas a couple of weeks ago where a snake was kept inside a home of someone and it attacked a kid. The kid din’t die but the snakes wrapped around the kids and caused him minor injuries. I think that they found the kid in time or else other things could have happened. Parents who currently have kids should do something with their snakes. They should close the room and lock it when they’re not home or don’t ever leave a child at home with the snakes. I think it’s just frightening to leave your child home with a snake. I know that people must have a license in order to keep a snake at home but you can choose a dog instead. Dogs are nice and they can save your life if there is an intruder or if there is a fire. Puppies are great with kids. Parents should keep snakes out of children’s way.


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